About Peak

Peak Specialist Surgical Weight Loss Program by Dr Candice Silverman.


If you’re reading this chances are you’ve been fighting an up-hill battle with your weight for many years. Peak is a specialist weight loss program developed by Dr Candice Silverman in consultation with a team of dedicated health professionals.

This program has been designed to help you win your battle with obesity. We will support you throughout your weight loss journey and our aim is to get you to your Peak condition, both physically and mentally.

Peak brings together the disciplines of surgery, psychology and nutrition to tackle obesity from all angles. We understand that there are many factors that have contributed to your weight gain. By addressing the psychological, emotional and behavioural challenges involved we can prepare you for a new and exciting future.

Dr Candice Silverman will help you to explore and evaluate the various surgical options that are available to you. She will assess your eligibility for different procedures, ensuring you understand the benefits and risks associated with each weight loss solution.

Our Peak psychologist, Jenne Turner, will offer you the support you need to prepare you for your treatment and participation in our program. Most importantly, she will equip you with the skills you need to recognise and overcome any emotional and behavioural obstacles that may arise along the way.

Amanda Clarke is the Peak Dietician. Amanda and her team will provide invaluable support and education about food and nutrition to ensure that you reach your goals and then maintain them. Many surgical weight loss procedures require a change in diet and in the way that you eat. Amanda will provide guidance on meal plans and serving sizes to ensure a smooth transition into your new eating patterns.

The Peak team will support you every step of the way, working with you to achieve your goals so that you can live life to the full and enjoy an active, happy and healthy lifestyle.