Peak FAQs

Here are some common questions relating to Peak¬†Specialist Surgical Weight Loss Program…

Can I use my own psychologist and dietician?

Keep in mind that our team meets regularly to discuss your progress. All of our allied health professionals have a particular interest in helping patients with obesity and especially with those undergoing obesity surgery. Our allied health professionals are all members of OSSANZ, extensively review literature and have expertise in the management of the bariatric surgical patient.

Specifically in reference to dietician advice, the pre and post procedure diets are so important to ensure the safety of the procedure, also the dieticians have access to interpret results from an impedence monitor which allows muscle mass to be measured to ensure patients are losing the right weight e.g. fat not muscle.

I am open to other allied health professionals joining the program however they would need to meet my specifications, be willing to attend and participate in meetings and tailor their advice specifically to the operations performed.

Conflicting advice can be difficult and confusing to interpret, ultimately jeopardising your success. Ideally all of us i.e. your Surgeon, dietician, exercise physiologist and psychologist will be describing expectations and surgical procedures in a similar fashion and helping you to reach your goals in a unified way.

How much will the operation cost?

The cost to the patient is aimed to be placed at a minimum and is commensurate on the time, energies and expertise required to provide a safe and effective service.

With the appropriate private health insurance the cost to the patient for the complete program will generally be under $6,000 (including surgical fees, anaesthetic fees, pre-operative visits, psychologist initial visit and dietetic package).

Surgical service fees for revisional operations will be higher as these operations take longer and require more intensive follow-up (this does not apply to patients who have had their initial surgery with the Peak team).

Can I have my operation done in the Public System?

Unfortunately and despite my best efforts there is currently no access to a Public Bariatric Surgery Service for patients in the Northern Rivers Area Health Service. I suggest you write directly to the CEO of this service who is based in Lismore for advice.

Do I need Private Health Insurance?

I would prefer all patients have private health insurance, though there is a 12-month waiting period after joining to allow access to this.

The main costs for the operation are not the Peak fees, they are the Hospital Fees. I would advise that patients check specifically that their health insurance policy includes obesity surgery.

Also if there is a need for surgery for excess skin (abdominoplasty) this cannot be performed in the Public Sector.

Though unlikely, if a self funding patient has a complication from surgery and requires re-operation, ICU or extended length of stay they may require transfer to a Public Hospital for financial reasons.

For patients operated under the Peak program I will do any further procedures with no out of pocket costs if they maintain their private health insurance (eg cholecystectomy, hernia repair, abdominoplasty).