Psychological Support






Why do I need to see a psychologist when considering weight loss surgery?

When making the decision to undergo a surgical weight loss procedure it’s important to consider your options carefully. A psychologist will assist you to understand the emotional and behavioural implications of the various procedural options.  Some surgical weight-loss procedures cannot be reversed so it’s important for us to be sure that you are 100% certain about your decision and that you are committed to making the changes required for sustainable weight loss after the procedure.

What psychological support can I expect?

When you choose the Peak Specialist Surgical Weight Loss Program, you can expect to receive expert psychological support, guidance and advice before and after your procedure. As part of the program you will be asked to participate in the following… 1. An initial session of 2 hours that takes a psycho-educational approach to understanding sustainable weight loss. Including exploring the factors that are/have been helpful for you in achieving a healthier weight and the factors that are not helpful, to understand the role food plays in your life and to begin to develop awareness and strategies to achieve an emotional and physically happier and healthier life. 2. Completing a health management questionnaire and keeping an eating awareness record for a few days prior to the session. The information is discussed in the session; it forms an important component of knowing you as a person and fulfils criteria for maximum rebate of the account from your health fund. 3.  Ongoing support via email or face to face consultations as required.

When will I see a psychologist?

A typical timeline for your visits may include:

1. Initial consultation prior to surgery,

2. Six months post operatively is a good time to return to see the psychologist,

3. Any time you find yourself returning to old habits is a VERY good time to return to see the psychologist,

4. Twelve months or when you plateau in weight is also a good time to return to see the psychologist,

5. At any time, with issues such as-adjusting to becoming a slimmer person, dealing with ‘disordered eating behaviours’, dealing with old unhelpful habits and other issues in life that may impede your progress. All these issues benefit from a psychological approach in conjunction with other behavioural strategies. You may be eligible for a referral from your GP for assistance with these matter and these consultations will attract a medicare rebate,

6. You may visit and work with the psychologist as frequently as you feel you need in order to achieve and maintain your new healthier weight. For some people this is often 18 months or 2 years post surgery. Our psychologists will support other members of the team including your general practitioner. Each visit your practitioner will review your progress, discuss any issues you are having, provide education and work with you on a process that best supports your endeavours and meets your specific needs. Peak psychology appointments will be held at Tweed Heads. Our patients will be supported in their weight-loss journey by Jenne Turner.  Additional appointments may be arranged as required on a standard fee for service basis. Health fund and Medicare rebates may apply.

Who Will Provide Support?

Peak_Jenne_TurnerJenne Turner – Jenne has worked specifically in health and weight management for the past 15 years and has worked with Bariatric Surgeons and Weight Management Centres in Sydney, Lismore, Gold Coast and Brisbane.