Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or RYGB is an operation involving a complete bypass of the stomach. The stomach is stapled off so that food can be directed into a small gastric pouch and then into the small bowel.

This procedure is routinely performed laparoscopically. In some cases, for example if a patient has had previous abdominal surgery, it may be necessary to perform an open operation. It is potentially reversible.

RYGB works by bypassing the stomach and the top end of the small intestine. The flow of food through the body is re-routed and the surface area available to absorb nutrients is reduced. Food flows into the top part of the stomach which is made into a small gastric pouch. This gastric pouch has a volume of approximately 15mls. The jejunum is then divided, the top end is attached to the gastric pouch and the other end is joined back to the small bowel about a metre down from the stomach.

This type of bypass operation has proven to be an effective, consistent and relatively fast way of losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, RYGB has the longest success rates of any weight loss procedure and is the benchmark to which all weight loss procedures are compared. It should also be noted that many experts consider this to be the safer option for revisional weight loss surgery after failed laparoscopic gastric banding.

The expected average excess weight loss is reported to be 60%. Additional benefits of this surgery include its anti-reflux results and a distinct metabolic change that is effective for the treatment of resistant diabetes.

Over the long-term, success is influenced by exercise and diet and there are a large number of patients who regain weight mainly due to the fact that they fall back into old habits. Patients considering this surgical weight loss option need to be 100% committed to the changes in lifestyle and eating habits that are required for the rest of their lives and this includes taking supplements on a daily basis.

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