What is gastric banding?

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in FAQ

Gastric banding may also be referred to as ‘lap band surgery’ or ‘gastric band surgery’. It is a weight loss procedure involving the insertion of an adjustable band into the abdomen.

It works by slowing the transit of food through the stomach; reducing the physical volume that can be eaten at one time. Additionally, it prevents a patient from overeating and helps them to maintain a feeling of fullness for longer periods of time. The result is gradual weight loss with the ability to maintain it over the long run.

This type of weight loss procedure appeals to many patients because the band is adjustable. Your Doctor can change the level of restriction at any time. It is also reversible meaning that the device can be removed altogether if necessary.

The other major benefit of this weight loss option is the fact that its insertion involves a very minimally invasive operation. Your Doctor will perform the procedure laparoscopically, using a ‘keyhole’ technique. The entire procedure takes approximately 1 hour and patients generally recover very quickly.
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